Company Name
XNef, Inc.
  1. Development, manufacturing, and sales of diagnostic and therapeutic devices using neurofeedback or artificial intelligence technology
  2. Development, manufacturing, and sales of devices and software using artificial intelligence technology
  3. Development, manufacturing, and sales of systems and technologies related to neurofeedback
  4. Planning, development, manufacturing, and sales of software for neurofeedback technology
  5. Consulting on neurofeedback or artificial intelligence technologies
  6. Other business related to the items listed above
2-2-2 Hikaridai, Seika-cho, Soraku-gun, Kyoto 619-0288, Japan
August 1, 2017
One hundred million JPY
Mitsuo Kawato, Ph.D. (Director of ATR Brain Information Communication Research Laboratory Group)
Number of employees
1 medical doctor, concurrently serving at ATR, 1 full-time Information system staff, 1 full-time quality management staff, 3 full-time clinical development staffs, 1 full-time medical device development staff, and 2 advisors, in medical technology and in fundraising. (as of Oct. 1, 2021)
The CEO and 4 other directors (3, concurrently with ATR)
Approval and License
Second Class Marketing Authorization Holder
(Approval No.: 26B2X10042)


Take the Nara Kotsu bus at Shin-Hosono Station of the Kintetsu Kyoto Line, or Hosono Station of the JR Gakken-Toshi Line. ATR is located across the street from the bus stop. Take the Nara Kotsu bus (Route #36, #38, #56, #59 or #58). Get off at the “ATR” stop.

Take the Nara Kotsu bus at Gakken Nara Tomigaoka Station of the Kintetsu Keihanna Line. Take the Nara Kotsu Bus (Route #56 or #59), and get off at the "ATR" stop.